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Friday, March 12, 2010

Writing about Reading: Questions for Day 5

Is it Friday already? Wow, what a week! Today at Jen Robinson's Book Page, Jen is wrapping up the week with a look at how we take the next step. She and her guests are offering answers and ideas to some of the toughest questions we have as adults ... mostly parents, but not always. We have a few questions left ourselves, so here goes ...

  • Is there a book from your childhood that you didn't like "back then," but that you've since re-read and liked? What was it about the book that you didn't like before?
  • Do you have a favorite chapter book for reading with kids of different ages  (e.g., 4, 9, 13)?
  • What book(s) has your child recommended to you that you loved?
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We'll be adding links for this question through tomorrow (Saturday). If you haven't had a chance to link up through the inlinkz box, don't fret ... the comments will remain open for 30 days, so if something strikes you next week, we'd love to hear from you then.

Tess Alfonsin described The Miraculous Journey in response to the question about a book you can read with kids of different ages at the Reading Countess.

Cathy Puett Miller talks about the Little Engine that Must at Teachers are the Sparklighters for Literacy. Cathy also has a podcast with her content.

Kelly Coyle DiNorcia wrote about My Grandpa and her memories of reading with her grandather at Rhythms: the blog of Wellspring Community School.

Stella Villalba also wrote about books for children of varying ages at the My World - Mi Mundo blog.


Cathy Puett Miller March 12, 2010 at 11:07 PM  

My favorite book to read with kids about 4-6th grade (yes, if framed correctly they still do like the read aloud) is John H. Ritter's Over The Wall. I love the raw emotion of the main character and how the writing makes you want to sit on the edge of your seat at parts, gives you great sympathy for the main character at other times and always connections you to thinking about the metaphor in the title.

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