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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Share a Story 2011: All the Posts

Just as we did for Share a Story 2009 and Share a Story 2010, we have created a complete, one-stop index of all of the posts from this year's event. And oh, boy ... it's a doozy!

Our theme for 2011 was Unwrapping the Gift of Literacy. We saw it as a way to celebrate every aspect of literacy  ... from the intrinsic value of knowing how to read and sharing memories of beloved books and characters to different ways to "pay forward" that gift. After all, who doesn't like gifts?! Over the week, our hosts talked about ...

  • The Power of a Book - From the literal power of owning a book and a good story to the intangible power that comes with knowing how to read.
  • The Gift of Reading - Whether you're looking for a book to excite a reader, want to help someone learn to read or celebrate the "gift" ... it's covered
  • Unwrapping Literacy 2.0 - With all of the talk of digital literacy, e-readers, etc. What does "literacy" look like in this new century? 
  • Love of Reading v. Homework - Do they have to be at odds? We'll talk about ways to help readers at home and at school.
  • The Gift that Keeps on Giving - To wrap up the week we'll be remembering "that moment" when we realized we were a reader or writer and how to celebrate it with others. Lots(!) of interviews this day.
It was an amazing week, with more than 100 bloggers - authors, educators, illustrators, librarians, parents, and book lovers - sharing ideas and personal stories. We used a new-to-us term Literacy Curators to describe our role as gift holders and gift givers. The innumerable personal stories in posts and in response to our Writing @ Reading prompts affirm that literacy is a priceless gift meant to be treasured, expored, and shared.

You can always go to each individual day's post to get all of the background information. What follows are the day summaries and posts.

Monday's theme, The Power of a Book started us off with some incredible stories via written post and video. We had two co-hosts: Donalyn Miller, aka the Book Whisperer; and Carol Rasco, President and CEO of Reading is Fundamental
  • Donalyn shared her thoughts about the intangible power of a book, which is filled with personal examples of just how a book can change your life.
  • Paul W. Hankins, the moderator for RAW INK online, turns the concepts of used books and remainder notes on their ears in this very personal story about a student, a book, and an author.
  • Terri Lesesne (aka The Goddess of YA Literature) not only talks about all of the things a book can do, but she offers her own personal story, as well. 
  • Carol title her post The Power of a Book: 380 Million Times to Date! and talked about the RIF experience of presenting a choice of books to children who have often never owned a book of their own until their first RIF distribution. 
  • Riley Carney wrote about The Power of the Written Word; and
  • Kyle Zimmer shared  First Book and RIF: The Gift of Literacy on Bookmark, the First Book Blog.
On TUESDAY, our three hosts and their guests shared ideas about the Gift of a Book and a Gift of Reading. Dawn Little, who blogs at Literacy Toolbox, had a full slate of mom and educators.
Then it was off to visit Chris Singer of Book Dads, sent dad participation skyrocketing with more than 30 fathers talking about reading with their kids and the gift of that moment when your child's eyes sparkle with the knowledge that they know how to read!

To get all of the stories, Chris had not one, not two, but THREE parts! Still, we want you to have a nice neat list of all the contributors and where to find them when they're not reading. Check out this list ...
Our third host was Terry Doherty of the Reading Tub. At her blog, Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, she opened what became the most commented-upon post of the week: a discussion of multiculturalism in children's and young adult literature with Hannah Erlich of Lee & Low, and award-winning authors Mitali Perkins and Tanita S. Davis. She also had posts from  ...
There were several other contributors on Tuesday, including Jonathan Auxier of The Scop, who shared a family photograph and a great story in Conversations with Ray. Laura Atkins share her thoughts on diversity in books at Laura Atkin's blog and Nathalie had an interview with Zetta Elliott at Multiculturalism Rocks.

Midweek already? Yep, on Wednesday we zoomed into Literacy 2.0. It was an opportunity to incorporate a discussion of literacy in the world our kids live in -- digital, screen-driven, interactive. Danielle Smith and her guests at There's a Book explored the good, bad, fascinating, and ugly of the new technologies. 
These were great posts to segue to our theme on Thursday: Leisure Reading vs. Homework, which Mary Lee Hahn and Franki Sibberson hosted at A Year of Reading.
Then Friday came ... and it was all party and celebration! Elizabeth Dulemba and Sarah Mulhern co-hosted Literacy: The Gift that Keeps on Giving.

Award-winning authors and illustrators, videographers, and more shared how they fell in love with reading, thanked the person who gave them the gift, and offered ideas on how they have "paid it forward."

Sarah Mulhern interviewed authors and illustrators about the gift of literacy @ The Reading Zone.
@ Dulemba.com Elizabeth Dulemba shared her own story about falling in love with reading, as well as quotes and links to thoughts from nearly 20 other authors and illustrators of literature for children and young adults. They included:
There are also a couple of takeaways.

First, Elizabeth Dulemba created ORIGINAL "I love to read" coloring pages for you to download, share, and enjoy. We also created a list of all of the books that people mentioned in their posts, guests offered in comments, or as part of their Writing @ Reading response.

We hope that if you followed along during the week that you found the event fun and walked away with ideas that you can use in your daily life. If this is your first time reading about Share a Story, we hope you mark your calendars ... we'll be back again next year. The Tour will start gearing up in the fall and launch again March 5, 2012.
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Elizabeth O. Dulemba March 22, 2011 at 2:41 PM  

BRAVOOOOO!!!! Proud to be a part! :) e

Tif March 22, 2011 at 9:55 PM  

Another fabulous year! I've already marked my calendar for next year and plan to return once again!! :)

Jonathan Auxier March 23, 2011 at 12:00 AM  

Thanks again for letting me be involved. So much fun!

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