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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Share a Story Day 4: Leisure Reading v. Homework

Do you know this story? Are worried about it? Have you lived it? Maybe lived through it and have some ideas to share? Then this is your day!

On Tuesday, in her post at Finding Wonderland, Tanita Davis explained that she saw Share a Story as an event for the "wee ones." Admittedly, our goal is to encourage people to read early and often ... but we also want to encourage a lifelong love of reading, and we have to get through puberty (and lots of homework) to get there.

So who better to host today's theme -- and share all of the facets of the challenge -- than Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn, the dynamic duo of A Year of Reading and regular contributors to Choice Literacy, the "home on the web for K-12 literacy leaders." (emphasis mine)

Here's how Franki starts us off ...
As a classroom teacher, I have always struggled with reading homework.  I know that when reading is assigned, it feels like a chore to me, I don't like it and I go through the motions of reading and I don't want that for my students. But I also know that the amount of reading kids do, makes a difference.
Parents and librarians see the same thing ... we want to keep that passion ignited, but know that this is a mighty steep hill. Franki and Mary Lee have asked some of their blogging colleagues to talk about free v. assigned reading. They are also encouraging you to share your thoughts so that we can have a really great discussion!

Here's today's lineup.


Franki and Mary Lee got up extra, extra early to get this all lined up to go live before the first bell rang this morning ... do go over and give them a big thank you and maybe a (((hug))) or two.


Mary Lee March 13, 2011 at 7:15 AM  


Thank you for another wonderful Share a Story event this year, and for inviting us to be a part of it! I'm sure our guest bloggers were thrilled that you visited every post and commented! Your labor of love is making a difference in the world of reading!

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