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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Discovering Readers: Share a Story 2012 Day 3

How do you create a reading culture when you don't consider yourself a reader. What does a reader look like?  Do they wear glasses and always have books in their hands? Do they always have their nose in some book and never seem to hear you?

Terry Doherty and her guests will be answering those questions!  At the Family Bookshelf and here on the Share a Story blog, you'll find suggestions on ways to engage readers-to-be, recognize a reader, and maybe even discover that you're already a reader!

Books and the Fourth Grader: Discovering a Reader by Terry Doherty @ Family Bookshelf
Like many of her peers, the fourth grader in Terry's house eked out her required 20 minutes of reading. She finished her homework, but her parents wondered if she would ever really like books and reading. When would the just-get-by behavior end? Continue reading ...

No Time To Write - Musings of a Children's Book Author, Surgeon and Read Aloud Dad by Jo Ann Kairys @ Share a Story - Shape a Future
In this 20-minute interview, award-winning author/illustrator Jo Ann Kairys and her son talk about his life as a writer and reader, both growing up and now as an adult. “I especially love working with my son Daniel, co-author, humanitarian surgeon and avid read-aloud dad."

Do you have a story about discovering a reader? Share it in the comments below and I'll pull it into our post.


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