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Monday, March 5, 2012

Share a Story 2012: Writing @ Reading - Day 1

Welcome to our daily post with writing prompts!

For those new to Share a Story, for the past several years we have included Writing @ Reading as a way to complement and encourage everyone to participate in this annual blog tour. Each day, we will pose a few questions related to the day's mini-themes. You can write a new post or contribute an old favorite.

By participating in Writing @ Reading, you not only share your wisdome and ideas, but you also bring visitors to your blog. Last but not least, you're also entered in our contest to win a set of the 2012 Multicultural Books Collection for your school or public library. The collection, created and donated by Reading is Fundamental, includes 45 titles ... in celebration of its 45th anniversary.

Today's questions are designed to complement the theme Creating a Reading Culture at Home and School, hosted by Donalyn Miller at The Book Whisperer blog. As you'll see in today's collection of posts, we're not just talking about elementary or dormant readers.
  • Use a Twitter model (i.e., 140 characters) to explain what reading in school was like for you. Ditto reading at home.
  •  When did you realize you were a reader ... was it a book? a teacher? an experience?
  • Image post ... Share a picture of what your ideal / favorite reading space look like.

1. Our Ideal / Favorite Reading Place by  @ Happy Birthday Author

Our goal with the questions is to reach new places for sharing our reading and literacy experiences and ideas, and we'd love to include your voice, too. Here's how it works ...

1. Select the question(s) that resonates with you.
2. Find an old post or write a new one that answers the question. [Be sure to grab a Share a Story button from the sidebar to include in your new post!]
3. Add your post as a comment.
4. (optional) Tweet about your post and include @ShareaStory or the #SAS-12 hashtag.

We'll be adding links for the questions all week, so there's no rush to have an answer the same day a question is posted ... unless you are entering a book giveaway contest.

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Melissa Taylor March 5, 2012 at 12:10 PM  

Oh, apparently I've been in my own world and didn't realize it was here already! Do you want us to add our posts on this site or the sites hosting for the day?

Terry D March 5, 2012 at 1:19 PM  

Hi Melissa, I know how you feel ...

Feel free to add on the host site or here ... I'll pick them all up and add to this post at some point!

Terry D March 5, 2012 at 1:20 PM  

Ack! For Writing about Reading, all the posts need to come here so I can date/stamp them!

Sorry 'bout that.

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