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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Share a Story 2012 - Our Theme is Revealed

Cybils finalist lists announced - check
Library of Congress presents New Ambassador for Young Children's Literature - check
Mock Caldecott and Mock Newberry ballots are open - Check, Check
Resolve to read - Check!

So what's left to do this month? Announce the theme for this year's Share a Story - Shape a Future literacy blog tour! So without further ado, from March 5-9, 2012 we will be swapping ideas and celebrating ...

The Culture of Reading

As is our tradition, each day of the Share a Story tour focuses on one facet (or topic) that is integral to the the theme. This year, our topics include ...
  • Reading as a passport to other worlds / cultures - Join us as we learn about reading in other cultures, share ideas for encouraging more diverse reading, and talk about "mirrors and windows," too.
  • Creating a reading culture - Whether at home or school, in elementary grades, high school, or beyond, we'll share ideas and tips for engaging young readers.
  • Understanding the reading transformation - More and more discussions focus on the future of reading. Will it be paper or e-book? Will "passive" reading survive? Join the discussion!
  • Understanding readers - There are lots of generalizations about who reads - and what they read. This is our "time out" to talk about all the ways you can spot readers and celebrate reading.
  • A Reading Universe - Reading is a universal commodity. Neither geography, gender, nor age affect the need to possess this skill. One of the hallmarks of the Share a Story blog tour is how the topics are unique, yet connected to each other, too. This idea wraps up our week.

We hope you are as excited about this year's event as we are. It is always an incredible week with lots of great ideas, book recommendations, and a limitless well of support.

Planning is underway and we welcome inquiries from bloggers interested in participating in the event as a host, guest blogger, or give-away sponsor. If you have any questions, ideas for mini-topics, or want to be part of the tour, please contact Terry Doherty [shareastory -at - thereadingtub - dot - com]

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