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Share a Story 2012: All the Posts

Our theme for Share a Story - Shape a Future 2012 is the Culture of Literacy. For four days, we explored all of the facets of what that means ... 
  • We shared our experiences as parents and educators for creating an environment that encourages and promotes reading
  • We had recommendations on creating a reading culture at home or school
  • We explained why reading widely is important and gave us some book suggestions, too
  • We stopped and looked at ourselves as "everyday readers" and set aside stereotypes
Creating a reading culture
Writing @ Reading Contributions on this Theme       Our Ideal / Favorite Reading Place by  @ Happy Birthday Author

Reading as a passport to other worlds / cultures 
Writing @ Reading Contributions on this Theme

Understanding Readers: Transcending Time, Shape & Format 
Dear Reader ... 
An Open invitation to share ideas, recommendations & ask questions

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